Welcome to the home page for the North-South Wright Connection

We are a multi-age, multi-geographical, multimedia collaboration project.

Our project aims to bring together students of different backgrounds for a diverse discussion of important short stories. Our collaboration centers on a particular work by the author Richard Wright and pairs it with more modern texts. It also invites a dialogue between students — ranging from middle schoolers to community college students from the North and South — through the use of both multimedia and postcards sent through the use of pseudonyms.

On this page, you'll find links to the stories we intend to use and some of the electronic resources we will share.

This project came about as a part of the "Making the Wright Connection," an institute offered by the National Endowment of the Humanities in July 2010. The institute brought together thirty teachers from fifteen different states; public and independent teachers of seventh-twelfth grade students joined with graduate students to study in an intense two-week program led by leading Wright scholars from across the country. The institute participants were charged with the task of creating resources for the institute participants and other teachers of Wright.